Responsible gambling

Gambling problems can have a lot of different effects on your life, below you will find a self test where you can check if you are having a gambling problem or if you’re running a risk of getting it.

You should reply to the questions below with Never, Sometimes, Most of the time or Always. Calculate your points according to the point system below.

Never – 0 points
Sometimes – 1 points
Most of the time – 2 points
Always – 3 points

  • Have you spent more than you afford on gambling?
  • Have you increased the amount of money to feel the same excitement as before?
  • Have you returned another day to try to win back the money you have lost?
  • Have you borrowed money or sold anything to get more money to play with?
  • Have you had a problem because of your gambling?
  • Has gambling given you stress, anxiety or other health issues?
  • Have anyone mentioned that you might have problems with gambling?
  • Has gambling caused you any financial problems for you or for your household?
  • Have you felt guilt about gambling?

How many points did you get?
0 points – No gambling problem
1 – 2 points – Low risk
3 – 7 points – Moderate risk
8 – 27 points – Gambling problems

Warning signs

  • One of the most important signs you often can notice is that a person starts lending money without being able to pay back.
  • Money doesn’t have to be the problem, gambling can steal a lot of time and if you notice that a person start focusing more and more on gambling rather than prioritising more important things in life, then you should try to speak to him or her.A sudden change in mood and behaviour can be an indicator that something is wrong. It can be signs of depression and the person starts to isolate him or herself to avoid social activities.

Asking for help

  • If you want to ask for more information you can find specialists at Gamcare which will help you,